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Employers and employees

SME owners can no longer escape the fact that electric driving is both the future and the norm. High time, then, to consider charging infrastructure for your company and its employees. Green energy is also becoming increasingly important and can no longer be ignored. The installation of charging stations enables you to you highlight your company’s eco-friendly credentials.

We’d be delighted to make an on-site visit to your company premises in order to get better acquainted and identify the possibilities based on the capacity of your business and building.

Universal charging for employees

For company employees, nothing’s more convenient than having access to a charging point at home. Our handy platform automatically reports consumption to the employer, who can use the same system to reimburse the energy costs.

We always pay an on-site visit to examine the various possibilities in terms of installation prior to presenting an appropriate solution. This means that there are never any surprises, for either employer or employee.

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