charging stations
for electric vehicles

If you own an electric vehicle, you’ll naturally require a charging station to charge it. You can choose to have this installed at your home or place of work. FLUXA guarantees a high-quality charging station with intelligent management capabilities to suit your individual requirements. And one that’s free from dependency on any particular brand.

Sustainable mobility

FLUXA strives to be a pioneer in the transition to sustainable mobility, for businesses and private individuals alike. We deliver tailor-made charging solutions that are fully-aligned to your specific needs and requirements. To accomplish this, we harness top-quality brands and provide seamless support.

Intelligent management

Managing your charging solution should be intuitive and intelligent. Our handy platform enables you to closely monitor your network so that you never face any surprises.


FLUXA makes exclusive use of premium brands. The ideal brand, however, can depend on your specific needs. Which is why we first perform an in-depth analysis of your requirements before presenting your bespoke charging solution. For FLUXA, it’s not the brand that counts, but rather a charging station solution tailored to your requirements.
Laadpalen voor elektrische wagens

Charging solution proposal

Infrastructuurwerken en installatie laadpalen

Installation and configuration

Beheer van laadpalen

Service & maintenance

Tax benefits associated
with charging stations

Tax benefits for businesses and private individuals

The number of electric vehicles on the road is rising rapidly, requiring the installation of an increasing number of electric charging stations. Businesses and private individuals enjoy attractive tax benefits to encourage the installation of more charging stations. So, be sure to explore which tax breaks you can expect on your investment.

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