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FLUXA now a proud ambassador for “Jobroad”

FLUXA is now a proud ambassador for Jobroad. Indeed, we’re convinced that Jobroad's goals and activities provide excellent added value for the business community....
Outsourcen technische profielen | Fluxa

Outsourcing of technical personnel

Require technical personnel for a temporary project or to bridge a staff shortage? Then technical outsourcing is the ideal solution. There’s often a misconception that...
Infrastructuurwerken | Grondwerken | Uitgraven kelders | FLUXA

FLUXA – your partner for diverse infrastructure works

FLUXA specialises in charging solutions and facilities for electric driving. We also have an extensive infrastructure department, which is responsible for various...
Captains of Industry sailing cup

FLUXA sponsors the Captains Of Industry Sailing Cup

FLUXA is proud sponsor of the Captains of Industry Sailing Cup, which pits various companies against each other in a thrilling sailing competition.
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Commercial charging stations: crucial for your sustainable mobility

An increasing number of businesses are making the conscious decision to opt for sustainable mobility. This enables them to anticipate future standards and play a part...