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Commercial charging stations: crucial for your sustainable mobility

An increasing number of businesses are making the conscious decision to opt for sustainable mobility. This enables them to anticipate future standards and play a part in the fight against global warming. FLUXA installs charging stations for businesses and helps make this transition possible.


In a nutshell, sustainable mobility can be summarised as any form of travel that minimises the impact to the environment and local surroundings. This can be achieved through the use of public transport, travelling by bike or by fully embracing electric driving.

After all, some destinations are only accessible by car, and certain services require a considerable amount of equipment. Choosing for an electric vehicle fleet is an important first step on the road to sustainable mobility. Which is why the use of electric company cars will become mandatory in future. Although, you needn’t wait until it’s compulsory before starting your transition.


You’ve decided to commit to sustainable mobility and have opted for an electric vehicle fleet. That’s great! In addition to the purchase of electric vehicles, you’ll also require commercial charging stations. That’s where Fluxa comes in.

Our expert team specialises in delivering smart charging infrastructure solutions for businesses, public authorities and other major entities. We don’t install ‘just any old’ commercial charging stations; we deliver an end-to-end solution that’s tailored to the precise needs and requirements of your business. We can also provide the requisite charging infrastructure at your employees’ home premises if desired.

A major advantage of engaging FLUXA, is that we don’t only install your commercial charging stations; we also carry out the requisite infrastructure works in-house. This means that you need only enlist one single partner to provide your business with an optimal charging solution. We’re also brand-neutral and happy to provide servicing and maintenance following the installation of your charging infrastructure. Ready to work on your sustainable mobility and interested in FLUXA’s commercial charging stations?
Then please don’t hesitate to contact our team.