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Outsourcing of technical personnel

Require technical personnel for a temporary project or to bridge a staff shortage? Then technical outsourcing is the ideal solution.

There’s often a misconception that the outsourcing of technical personnel is similar to the provision of agency staff. Whilst agencies supply temporary staff with the option of going permanent, technical outsourcing operates on the subcontracting principle and the technicians remain employed by FLUXA. Outsourcing responds to an urgent need for technical personnel. It temporarily enables you to progress your project or keep operations running at an optimum.


  • You needn’t invest time in searching for suitable candidates.
  • You only pay for the hours actually worked.
  • Technicians arrive fully equipped with the appropriate tools, clothing and PPE.
  • The costs associated with illness and accidents in the workplace are borne by FLUXA.
  • There are no termination costs at the end of the assignment.


  • You get to work with skilled and experienced technicians who have undergone the relevant training.
  • The consultation with our representative ensures the perfect match.
  • You determine how long you require the technical personnel for.
  • At the end of the assignment, you needn’t worry about the negative aspects of the technician’s termination. FLUXA quickly reassigns them to a new location.
  • FLUXA provides an appropriate solution or replacement in the event of absence due to illness or an accident in the workplace.
  • FLUXA is responsible for all of the administration requirements associated with employing the technician.

In short, outsourcing technical personnel is an extremely practical and efficient solution. Hiring technical staff has never been so easy and cost-effective!

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