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Garage parking and car park operators

We live in a time in which green energy and sustainability have become extremely important concepts. Corporate fleets are rapidly undergoing electrification. Our expertise and specialist approach makes FLUXA a key partner in this transition.

It’s essential to choose the right solution and have it professionally implemented. FLUXA is the ideal partner for fleet managers and facility managers of businesses and other organisations.

Services for syndicates, associations of co-owners, property developers and public authorities

FLUXA offers expert assistance in the review and preparation of charging infrastructure for syndicates and Associations of Co-Owners (vereniging van mede-eigenaars, for flats and multiple companies), affording us extensive experience in this arena. We can also state the case for your chosen solution at the general meeting of the Association of Co-Owners.

The garage parking and car parks markets come with their own specific challenges around AREI (General Regulations on Electrical Installations), fire service and EPBD (European Directive on the energy performance of buildings) regulations. FLUXA effortlessly guides you through this complex maze in accordance with the regulations. Syndicates and Associations of Co-Owners already have a lot to do, so it’s nice to be able to enlist a reliable partner who can relieve you fully of this particular responsibility. FLUXA has the expertise to take care of everything on your behalf.

Project developers and public authorities can also engage our expertise on small to large projects. Our company structure is designed to ensure that we have both the technical and operational skills in-house. Our ever-expanding fleet of vehicles and equipment reflects this. Licensed contractors can enjoy a worry-free service from Fluxa and rest assured that we’re always on hand to discuss your project(s).

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