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FLUXA offers a premium, end-to-end solution for every application. We’re brand-neutral and always search for the optimal solution for your company and employees. FLUXA covers all disciplines in-house and therefore doesn’t depend on third-party contractors.

You’ll be assigned a SPOC who acts as a dedicated point of contact throughout your project and oversees the entire installation: from the design, First Time Right and negotiated SLAs, to the high quality service FLUXA stands for.

Require charging stations for electric vehicles? FLUXA is a trusted partner who remains at your service, before, during and after installation.

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Ready for
the future

FLUXA partners can rest assured that their charging infrastructure is ‘future-proof’ and enjoy worry-free electrical charging. We keep a close eye on market developments and can consequently supply our customers with the latest technology. We also factor in future upgrades when planning installations, to avoid unnecessary ground and demolition works.

We additionally provide a full service and maintenance guarantee for your entire installation. Our maintenance contracts are designed to reflect this.

Working at

Passionate about working as a technician or providing comprehensive support services? Then you’ve come to the right place! FLUXA is experiencing strong growth and is constantly on the look-out for new talent.


Assistant crane operator for mini excavators

Crane operator for 5.7-tonne crane on rubber tracks

C – C/E container truck drivers

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